Written by: Arcene Janvier

Seek while you may find, strength of cerebral cortex. 
'Though shrouded in complexities, higher minds advance to next. 
Con folks par exellence, exorcising painful memories. 
Enabling state of elightenment, a projection of ideas. 

Dragging weaklings to their graves, an ego-boosting sacrafice. 
Failure to exercise faith, irony of premature demise. 
Consider the Scriptures, ample madness run to and fro. 
Knowledge is now increased, clear way for fatal blow. 

Open your blinded eyes, see the holies' scatterin' power. 
Wicked understands not, but wise realize the imminent hour. 
Wicked adds on wickedness, cause to purify thyself in white. 
Time and time half, words now opened for light. 

Standing angelic beings, the likes of Michael the archangel. 
Madness of so-called great minds, moving with bubbling trouble. 
Concern yourself not, with those sleeping in the dust. 
For the scare's more horrid, with the living blood-lust. 

Call upon divine wisdom, shine as bright firmament. 
Turn ample righteous as stars, escape the everlasting contempt. 
Obsessive megalomaniacs, prophesying fire and brimstone. 
Mentally challenged fools, the likes of Jim Jones. 

Fast-moving celest' object, associates in lore. 
Akin to doom and destruction, fate in jeopardy twice more. 
The world has yet to witness, the great mind-bogglin'. 
Abomination makes desolate, thousand and three-plus timing!