The Pursuit of Hollow Dreams

Written by: Joe Inca

Trails and rails, and winding roads
Empty barns, abandoned abodes
I've grown too tired to bear this load
In this world, I have no place

My path has led me, far from home
I find no comfort as I roam
Away from all the love I've known
I'm lost without a trace

Along this path I wander, aimless.
To history, I shall be nameless
For hollow were the dreams I've sought
The right direction, I know not.

Repressed the jest that brought me smiles
My sorrow grows with passing miles
Upon myself, Ive brought these trials
I haven't the strength to face

I left the place where I belong
Too stubborn to admit I'm wrong
Despair is for those, who wait too long
There are too many steps to retrace

Disillusioned by my hopes
My soul is not equipped to cope
For hollow were the dreams I've sought
Of inspiration, I know not.

Tomorrow my sorrow shall grow even more
So distant the faces of those I adore
So deep is this anguish it clinches my core
I long for a loving embrace

All that I've gained, I would eagerly trade
For a chance to erase,the mistakes I have made
and return to their arms before memories fade
I ask this of God by his grace

Solitude is the burden of pride
and destiny is a heartless guide
For hollow were the dreams I've sought.
My destination, I know not.