No More Our Dance

Written by: deb radke

Once we claimed it as our own, that lovely, special song;
No matter when, no matter where, we simply had to hear its sound.
Our hearts would melt, our love would rise, our feet would leave the ground;
But life goes on, your love has died; no longer, dear, do we belong.

That slow, slow dance, promising, ‘You Were Always On My Mind’;
You held me close and Willie’s words, your lips would lightly sing,
Softly, quietly, in my ear, your love vows whispering.
No longer now, your love has fled, your promise left behind.

So now it’s come, our dance is o’er; no more a life together;
Separate paths diverged before; one way I went, and you the other chose.
We waltzed apart, the music stopped, no more we hold the other close;
The storms of life, the silent songs, we simply could not weather.