Thinking Of You - Adult Content

Written by: Aimee Garside

I lie in my bed all alone thinking of you on the phone
My soft moist tongue flickers out to trace these rosy lips of mine
This heart begins to beat with anticipation and surprise
I hear your voice just like you were lying right next time me,
I sigh your name that I know gives so much joy to thee
Hearing you get even more excited, I begin to trace my cleavage
Soft and tender I being to shiver you hear me pant and I hear you wither
The burn inside is too much to bear, I cannot suppress it anymore I need you to dare
They slip in with no force the juices pave the way and this feeling I try to endure
Your name slips from my lips once more letting you know that it’s you that I soar
I hear you release and that’s all I need I begin to deliver and shake from the deep.