all of your knowledge don't mean a thing

Written by: Anton Brockenbrough

 skepticism to idealism to realism
All three are hard-headed
No one wants to deal with them cause not even God can fix them
Pessimism criticism ritualism
they perpetually ridicule those that practice safe spiritualism
Heretics politics love to denounce
Terrorist scientists apologist
All of them take the risk to confuse you with their overzealousness
Go to college a Baptist graduate they're an atheist
Whats the use of receiving God's gift if you're just gone end up wasting it
Ever heard of stability

Just remember God's spirit is a utility
And he hates frivolity 

Its about God and his power
That he gives that I can spit a spokenword and have it make other worlds for me

And still God would be King
Cause with all knowledge in the world don't mean a thing
Jesus is King while your devil is your queen