Written by: Maryam shahbaz

Darling look,
see how i've healed?
those scars, those wounds
pressed together, concealed.
you can't even tell now,
i've only caked 300 pounds now
And all you see is a scratch.
Be proud my dear,
Cause this is what you made me
I’m actually far worse than I’m appearing
And love, you’re the one I’m blaming.
Under this fair and lovely illusion,
My skin’s torn, shredded and broken.
I’m sorry but I don’t need the words
You left unspoken
I’ve carried myself far way outta the ocean
To drown back into your poison.
All I wanna do is thank you,
for covering me in your tattoo.
Darling, but see?
See how I’ve healed?
My heart. my eyes. my lips.
Pressed and now forever sealed.