Missing You

Written by: Sierra Biersack

I was with you,
till you pushed me away,
after a while i finally gave way,
i started to date someone else.
oh how weet he is.
but then u wanted me back.
you were gonna kill urself,
if you did not have me,
so what did i do?
well i obviously went back to you.
but now i want to be with the one i was with before you.
he was so much sweeter.
and besids, 
you are the one that pushed me away in the first place,
you are the one i truly want,
not the one im with now,
but you the one i had beforehand,
but i cant do the breakup thing, 
its just not me,
its so hard to do,
so hard to handel,
its like trying to make a baby pig fly.
i will have to do it though.
it will be best for me, best for everyone.
so world, here i come,
i am going to do this,
no matter what.