A Man Like No Other

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Heavens, I want a man to love me,
To cuddle me and hold me tightly,
To hug me and assure me security,
Never to let me go till eternity...

I want a man like no other,
who is loyal and sincere,
and my heart he won't shatter,
and comforted my mounting fear.

I want a man with a pure heart,
who treats me with compassion and care,
hurts me not and never would he part,
with me his happiness he would share.

I want a man who is like a wishing star,
a man who seems to make my dreams come true,
and a man whose relatioships that would go far,
and a man who would love me without due.

Crown me the Queen of Your Heart
Grant me your love without due
And with you i shall never part
I promise i would forever be with you.