Four Fabulous Years in the Key of F

Written by: James Tate

From Frank to Faye

Flashing back in our memories, we find that our first four years together were fruitful And filled with frolic. Four, fondly affectionate, fun-filled years of fanfare! When we met we felt fond of each other but, our fathers forbid our fair friendship. They felt it merely a foolish fancy, and were flabbergasted and foiled when we fraternized. They feared that when a fellow and a filly frolic, they become frantic. Fortunately we never felt their fury because they finally faced the facts. Frankly, my father, Frank, felt fond of my fair female friend. Her father figured the frivolous facts were too flimsy to forgo the friendship. So we frolicked together in friendly, far-flung flirtations, Having fabulous fellowship in our courtship. Feeling frisky, on our Fourth Anniversary, we plan to flop in our flivver, Finding our way to Niagara Falls, where we will flutter in the fountains of full-fledged fulfillment!