When you have MS

Written by: Kelly Zakerski

When you have MS, you just never know
You may have bad days, that’s how it can go.

Sometimes I will stumble, or take a fall
Things move in the house, especially the wall.

Trip over nothing, Sometimes there are glares
I hate when I fall, going up all those stairs.

I have left my house, with the candles lit
When I come back home, I throw quite a fit.

How could I do that, I thought they were out
I beat myself up, and begin to shout.

I’ve gone out to lunch, the oven is hot
Where is our dinner? Oh crap, I forgot.

The pan on the stove, I’m ready to cook
But I walk away, and start a good book.

Calendars I use, I have two in fact
Appointments I have, and I must keep track.

There’s a problem though, I forget to look
So I write things down, even in my book.

I ask the same thing, my kids tell me so
I just say to them, I just want to know.

My side vision gone, on curbs I would hop
“Mom a car’s coming, please stay at the stop.”

My kids say they’ll help, they’ll give me a class
Teaching maneuvers, so that I will pass.

But if I don’t pass, as they both chuckle
Get into their car, make sure I buckle.

Don’t feel sorry, and no need to curse
There’s many people, who have it much worse.

Always remember, when things seem bluer
Lift up your spirits, by using humor.