Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 Mountainous heap like Everest rude rubles,
 Erupting magma issuing forth down alimentary canal
 Flaming pyramid of mummified Pharaoh,
 O !let me rest for a century,
 Lean on leaning tower of Pisa and wolf my pizza.

 Fresh wound beckons to flies to have a free chop,
 Thousands hiss a ballad and plastered on
 Wallowing in the broth like ocean eddy,
 And faggot diseases embedded million maggoty
 Invaded the spoilt,
 Feet, o! You have strolled in mileage
 Entered and exit the abode of no-return
 Into abode of travail, sorrow and curses,
 The maggoty have invaded Elephantiasis of the scrotum,
 Made tunnels into them,
 The eyes of the hide out you poured
 Hot lava and acid in,
 Murdering the follicles like relaxed hair.