I Have Home It

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 At home, I have witness them all,
 Witness the process of germinating
 From precious seed sown amongst thorn and tares,
 To taken root, even when there’s no chance
 There is unverified full hatred,
 Wild spurious jealousy from unlikely,
 To nothing he would amount, voices their hearts;
 Contrariwise, out of nothing came something,
 I have been slain, buried and resurrected
 Used, laundered and rejected like a dress
 Kindred, neighbours, acquaintance fellows alike
 I dreamt of monitors, daemons with sharp horns
 On top, with needle arrows aiming at me;
 Vomiting fierce sulfur Dragon blocking my path,
 Seen faceless monsters hindering me,
 Fearsome beast from ancient castle stalking me,
 Even Goliath ghost with quadruple eyes on the thorax
 Nails shooting out like razors,
 Mysterious the Thing with dozen of various heads
 And the deadly blood angry serpents
 Issuing forth, curling like hair and like smoke.
 I came to where the godfather turned in
 The only begotten for sacrifice for gore,
 And a son pledge the mother to gain wealth,
 A man after gaining illusory riches
 Began to pack hyenas into his closest
 Boding migrating to extinction,
 Gingerly being the same soft vessels
 Began to hiss, hound, tearing and calling
 Heaven and earth to loose
 And pour down venom on likable.
 They quests and guests for witchcraft
 Taking would be expected thought of foes,
 And brought home this deadly talisman
 Applied them and used accordingly on intended
 The one used must be potent than the one
 Already prepared for protection against antagonist
 Test negativity means scoffer is given to taste
 The prepare soup.