my brothers

Written by: kathryn ramirez

Cast  iron bars and inches of glass,

I know these things are part of your past

they can keep you there and hold you still

but brother, your soul, restraints can't kill

you have a will that is as strong and determined as fire

and once you apply it you are one who will aspire

to new hieghts and plaines your life will excell

I know and love you and I trust you'll do well

you have always been there to protect and comfort me

And forever and always my HEROS you will be

It's days like this that ido have regrets

These are my secrets I haven't revealed yet:

I wish I had treasured the moments when you were near

Because sometimes my guardians,  I really do need you here

You make me a better person, this please believe

you are the best gifts that I could ever recieve.

I wish that through this long hard life

you will come out on top of all your strife

You are the four best parts of me

And the strong roots to our family tree

without your guidience I am not sure what I would do

So please accept this as my most modest THANK YOU



Katei  Dedicated to the four best men I have ever known: my brothers Paul Tom 
Riley and Rex   I love you all