Written by: anthony beesley

Tell the truth and TESTIFY...with a heart full of hell and a head full of homocide
Backs against the wall by the lord of lies
the weak and the strong keep dropping like flies
Beelzebub is always on the fall and on the rise
Steel claws like a cat tear through another disguise
The judge and the jury stay shocked and surprized
Tell the truth and TESTIFY

Tell the truth and TESTIFY...tell the tale of victory to a billion ears and eyes
Smiles and frowns to screams and whispers
The raw truth always burns and blisters
Still the truth sets us free
Darkness and disease runs and flees
Paranoia pleas for another madness moment
Sitting in shadows now under the spotlight the insane and the ill try to get high
Erradicated with ease now the demonic die
Tell the truth and TESTIFY

Tell the truth and TESTIFY...in the middle of a billion liars called legion
Still truth is taking every house,block,city,state,and region
Around every corner there's a madness maze
Fight or flight it's just a phase
Now truth takes the stage like a fiery force
Like a big battle horse on heavy metal hooves
Blasting the sonic boom from the tops of rooves to a blood red moon
Where eagles and angels soar and fly
Fools and fiends ask why?
Tell the truth and TESTIFY