Secret Love

Written by: Violet King

Secret Love

The lake, half hidden by the trees
Is like my love for you.
Although we know it's there
It's almost hidden from our view.

The many shades of leaves
Are like the way I sometimes feel
My moods in love are varied,
As colours are - dramatic-
As leaves are, very real.

The waters of the lake are deep,
And dark, and almost still - 
Like that I cannot speak of our love,
Not now, not yet.... until....

Some brighter time will clear the way,
The waters will run bright - 
Clear and sparkling for all to see - 
No more as dark as night and one day
I'll talk about our love,
When freedom comes, and peace,
When I can hold you, unafraid -
And life will never cease.

Until then, perhaps the way ahead
Seems sad, but life is not a carousel, and
Often things seem bad.
Our love can wait, the hope is there
And soon things will be fine,
One thing I ask - I ask it now,
Please let us take our time!!!