Written by: Violet King


Something beautiful has broken, something gone which can't return. 
Something happened, now what was it? - Heart that's broken, hurts that burn. 
Something's missing now, and sadly, all I know is trust has fled,- 
Every look and every gesture, Now pretence is daily bread. 
Smiles, not frowns are now the order, No tears please - it's not the thing! - 
How I dread this whole existence,  Now what means my wedding ring?

Someone worked hard to deceive me, Plotted every single move, - 
Hated me enough for nothing, Tried to rob me of our love. 
Understanding is my problem, why it happened I don't know. 
How I failed will always haunt me, 
When will all this anguish go?

Can we face the future lightly? Was confession right or wrong? 
Has the knowl;edge and the heartache been too much, or too strong? 
Can there ever be a future? Will new tomorrows come along? 
All I know is “Love endureth”- love endures then from now on?

Life’s a stage and life’s a play. We’re actors in it all. 
I’ve prayed a little day by day for God to help and ease the fall. 
Poets say that Love will find it – Love will find the way.

I must go on believing, loving him from day to day.