Things I did with you

Written by: kathryn ramirez

Always standing on your feet as we dance around the room,

singing aloud our favorite songs, sometimes out of tune.

holding your hand when we walked down the street,
shaking hands with so many strangers when we would meet.

these are things I did with you.

listening intensly as you told me tales of so long before,

holding still while you braided my hair, sitting on the floor.

going to church and learning a hymn to sing in God's praise,

worrying and crying whenever your blood pressure would raise.

These are things I did with you

Painting picture by numbers, weaving little rags,

laughing at the comics in the back of momma's mags.

watching the birds fly, through the window, beside your hospital bed.

praying that God would give you, a painless place to lay your head.

these are things I did with you

Turning thirteen and growing up to make you proud

traveling to city's and walking amongst the bustling crowd.

Talking to momma and loving her as much as she request,

Praying everyday so I can see you again in my eternal rest

These are things that i did after you were gone.