I feel like a little rock

Written by: kathryn ramirez

sometimes I feel like a little rock laying beneath the dirt,

surrounded by all my fears, shortcomings, and hurt.

around me there's not a glimpse of hope not even a speck of light,

The only things here are my 'memory demons' and all they do is fight.

I get down, this little rock, because I am stranded here,
But its comforting to know that I only have myself to fear.

After reminding myself, that I decide how long I must reside,

here hidden in the cold shadows with noone at my side.

I can pick myself up and nomore remain a rock,

and get to getting going, racing the ticking clock.

The world will soon see me basking in the light the sun has shone,

because after being under all that pressure I am now a priceless stone.

by: katei ramirez