ocean of tears

Written by: kathryn ramirez

You were a great friend, now you're forever a teen. 

So much of the world you've never seen. 

The gift of a gold heart and funny as hell.

 But the troubles inside you noone could tell 

a shoulder to lean on a best friend to me

 i hate myself for what i didn't see

 i can't believe you took your own life

 You left us behind that cold december night.

 If you empty an ocean so deep and so blue

 i will fill it back up with tears cried for you

 i remember the days back in science class. (lol)

you were such an important part of my past. 

Or when i was down and you cheered me up. 

Or sharing cappacinos from the same cup 

passing drawings of gerbles with you and Kim 

getting caught & knowing just how much trouble we were in 

You cheering for me at my award ceremony loud 

you wearing your Aaliyah shirt so proud 

but most of all i just remember and miss my friend 

and hate that he felt his life had to end 

i remember crying and punching the wall 

asking God why you just didn't call.

 But if you can empty the oceans so deep and so blue

 then we can fill them up with tears cried for you. 

By:katei ramirez 
on behalf of myself and alot of sad friends. Stop suicide due to bullys. In memory of Paul D