Oh Dear Rose

Written by: Jan Camille Tongco

Oh dear Rose, you prickle me
That if I do so much but breathe
I will be full of scars and pain
Though I love to see your beauty close
I cannot out of vain

Oh dear Rose, you wounded me
And even if this pulse do beat with you
I cannot touch but by just look
The stronger I want this feeling to go
The longer my pain to heal took

Oh dear Rose, you make me weep
You go in cadence with the meadow
That I want so much to give caress
Though your arms, so near to grasp
I do not but watch you less

Oh dear Rose, you give me grief
I am longing for you in ages
But you come and hurt me again
This heart, this love may not be strong
But yet I cannot pull away then

Oh dear Rose, my dearest Rose, you'd make me die
That you memory stays too long enough for mine
And I cannot contain what is inside
I try to run away from your face
But then I get scared without you and your embrace

But dear Rose - don't make me forget
That there is a sun though she hides
That there is life though I died
That there will be more happiness than sorrow
And a rainbow will shine on the bright tomorrow

Flowers Contest
10th Place 

Written by: Jan Camille Tongco

P.s. Although I know I am going against the no-rhyme, free verse only rule, I still would
like to try. Hope this takes the sting of winter away. Thanks