Water Joy - Adult Content

Written by: Aimee Garside

I strip myself of all security wishing it was you that could ravage me immorally. 
I enter piece by piece, till my body relaxes.
All I want is you, that’s what I call satisfaction.
I lean back to submerge my head lifting my arms to wrap them around my neck.
Goosebumps and shivers they come and go, as my lips part to say “Manuel”
I run my hand down my chest searching for the part that will start the rest.
Soft at fist but they don’t put up a fight it’s you they want they stand alight.
The touch they feel makes them surrender because it’s not me but you they 
You pull, I shiver, you rub, I dither.
Leaving that place I love so well, moving down south to some hotel.
Moving through this warm fragrant water, 
My legs being to part with amazement and wonder. 
Working my way to my inner thigh all I can think of is your deep husky sigh……….
Keeping the main one on that spot loved so well while moving its neighbors further 
down to dwell. 
All I feel is you enter, with one more load gasp I completely surrender
Rubbing on that spot you know will make me scream, all I can think of is you 
pushing down onto me.
Don’t stop finish me off, as I begin to tighten and imagining you release.
The thought of you deep inside of me causes my heart to skip a beat
Pulling me up as if there were strings on my hips, my back arches leaving its drips.
With one final whimper I begin to deliver, I scream the name out loud that gave me 
this immense pleasure.