Sunday Digest 2

Written by: Micah Smith

good times bad times,
comes without warning signs,
people try waiting and anticipating,
looking at others and relating,

situations so they can prepare,
but in life problems always come when we are unaware,
i know its unfair,
thats why im here to bare with you
here  to share with you,
how having faith can help you,
it cannot be fake it has to be true,

Love God and trust in him with your whole heart,
he knows the right course for you to plot on your chart,
with your life in his hands you'll be safe and secure,
and any opportunity he gives to you no man can close that door,

you must repent and be honest in your confession,
remember after each problem there is a lesson,
after seeing how faith works in you life you become stronger and wise,
you'll be amazed when you see how big your faith can grow in size,
with God your life can only maximize not minimize,

i pray that people will open their eyes and realize redemtion draweth nigh God