The State of the Kingdom Address part 2

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

Simply because they choose to walk around,

 In pain and strife. The kingdom is suffering,

 Tremendously by the hand of the enemy,

 Because you treat your neighbor like a stranger,

 And put them in danger and you have the audacity,

 To say Lord help me but your help got destroyed,

 Because you did not let the plans of the enemy,

 In your so-called friend that you hated on be null,

 And void. Your blessings and theirs are destroyed,

 And kingdom is severely neglected. No one else gets,

 Free all because we want walk hand in hand with God,

 To deal with the destructive wiles of the enemy. But

 We have the audacity to say Satan you are no friend,

 To me but you let your neighbor stand alone getting, 

Attacked by hating on them instead of befriending,

Them, praying, and agreeing with them and guess who

 Wins in this trend? No one but stupid Satan because

 You chose to hate and the sense of kingdomness flakes

 Like lead paint to taint the plans of God for everyone

 And Satan's job is done and no one in the kingdom of God

 Won. We need to take basic science in mind in our kingdom

 Alliance. Remember the four states of matter: solid, liquid,

 Gas, and plasma.