The State of the Kingdom Address part 1

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

Many are doing what they want to do,
Saying what they want to say.
Simply playing life's game the way,
They think it ought to be played.
Then they have the audacity,
To want God to bless them beyond,
The capacity of them handling.
But the things that God gave them,
They are simply mishandling.
Many are depending on a man,
To truly support them and He,
Can't handle it and then they,
Get angry when he tramples it.
God gives us examples to live by,
In His word but many have the nerve,
To ignore it, absorb it and twist around,
To fit their bad habits and when Satan
Comes to attack they hop around in lack
Like romping rabbits. The anointing, they
Think they have it, but they destroy God's,
Plan for their neighbor because they don't,
Want them to savor the sweetness of life.