Larmes Invisibles

Written by: Destini Williams

Breezing past 
Though her light shines
And blinds
No one notices
No one see's the girl inside
The one who cries
Day and night
And wonders why
She catches no one's sight
She shivers 
Though surrounded by the warmth
Of her family
She aches 
Though recieving comfort 
From her companions
Because no one see's 
That beautiful girl
Who possibly
May change the world
With her words
With one pen
She just has to find
The beauty within
The beauty that blossoms
As she sings
Along to tunes and melodies
The beauty that blooms
When she writes
Those wonderful poems
Of her life
Yet she hides
That special notebook
Away from everyone's sight
She still has yet
To win the battle within herself
This war she must fight
And still today she remains invisble
Her soul fragile and translucent
Her trust fades away
Each breezy day
Her identity
Hidden in the wind