Written by: Frank Azuoma

Surely,   it will rain
The rigged erosion site
Will yield up the graves
With the mangled duffers
We must see

I cannot stop the rain
The cast is already overused 
The thunder lines have marked 
Out themselves in the sky
Bidding for time

Oh!  it will surely rain
It will rain the hard beetles
Resplendent  at the castle 
Their strange tangles with
Cruelty and promise
Will evaporate

About our virgins
They  lost their seals 
They  walked provokingly
In short pants and bustiers.
Rods of derision pierced
And so they should walk 
As they like.

Before it rains, My Dear 
Goats will lose their shame
But they must never  be allowed 
To scud to the rock, and
Ridicule quest for an account.

After the rains, My Dear
The survivors will be happy
The losers will be happy
The spectators will be happy
They would all have learnt
From  the  rains.