Eutopia Man

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

 I want an eutopia man.

A man who lives by his designed plan.

A man who doesn't run with the poision clan.

A man who is not a thug or addicted to porn or drugs.

A man who is with me truly in love.

A man that I simply cannot get enough of.

Well there may not be a man like that around

I want an eutopia man to come to my town.

A man who will not cheat on me.

A man who will help me harvest seeds.

A man who will not fall victim to sin.

With an eutopia man as the head,

The souls of his family won't be dead.

An eutopia man will want his family spiritual fed.

I  want an eutopia man to be head of my clan.

An eutopia man is what I desire understand.