They Say Good Love Is Hot - But Ours Is Cold : Letter 1 Series

Written by: Destini Williams

Like a heart needs a vein
I'm the frost on your windowpane

No one knows me 
Like you do
Every flaw
Every fluke
Just want to let you know
I love you
And that those words
Are really true
Everytime I look into your eyes
My heart skips a beat
And my breath dies
Away with your words
Buried in your voice
To be with you
I have no choice
My flesh desires your touch
My heart craves your love
Sometimes I love you too much
But its for my own good
I'll never find someone like you again
To heal my hurt
And all my pain
You are my sun 
In the rain
And when I'm crazy
You're my sane
And when you're wrong
I'm you're right
And when you're not strong
I'll continue to fight 
For you until
Your last day

Cause I'm the frost
On your windowpane