Lucky I Guess Part 2

Written by: Kory Calhoun

After speaking with Charlie for almost an hour, the young lad invited me to his home. When
I entered the front door, I froze. There was hardly anything there. No pictures on the
walls. No television. No stereo. No washer. No dryer. Hardly any food in the
refrigerator. No color. No life. Barren and empty. I watched the young boy - correct me;
the young man - lead the playful puppy into his Mom's bedroom.  Charlie shyly introduced me to his
Mom and we became friends ever since that awkward and poignant moment. Charlie's mother,
like he, was a charismatic and wonderful person. Their beauty resonated in their eyes and
their smiles - but mostly, it echoed from their hearts. I silently felt the smooth envelope
in my pocket. I thought: "God didn't bless me with monetary fortune." 
He granted and blessed me with something more. So much more.

Before I left that day - I still remember Charlie asking me: "Hey, Mister...what's
you're name?" I sort of chuckled and replied: "Um...I'm Santa Claus!" The young man giggled
and shouted: "Hey, Santa...what should we name the puppy?" I paused: "Lucky...I guess."
Bursting into laughter Charlie chimed: "LUCKY...I like the name, Lucky!" Catching a swallow, I replied:
"Me too."  "Will I see you again, Santa?" A second shiver and a pause: "Yes, Charlie...yes you will."

The $25,00.00, you ask? Well, let's just say the newly employed somebody is now happily
married to a beautiful and loving wife, spends all of his free time with a handsome, affectionate
son, Charlie, in a cozy and quaint home...and plays Frisbee with a very, very, very...
LUCKY dog. And me? Well, I'm the one who was lucky, I guess. 

And the moral of the story...well, it had nothing to do with money. It was about destiny and 
small miracles and good fortune...and love.

"HONEY, CHARLIE...LUCKY....I'm home!" 

I'm home...

For: Carol Brown
I Helped The Needy contest   (This is Part II of the story)