Written by: Audonus Taylor

Hang your head, and mourn
the lost smile of elation,
Happiness shattered asunder,
While melancholy tears, stain
the frame of a tarnished silhouette,
And speak words of wisdom, that
pain the ears and restrain laughter
by the chains of harrowing truth,

Demeaning a demeanor, with
structured news of elated nuptials,
Which force the ambivalence of love
and lost wishes, that belong to
a memory, which fades with time
 but can never be forgotten,
Leading to a flaw in poetic justice,
that pushes a mind to delusion

But to return from a dismal and
desolate place, with even an inkling
of untainted hope, there alone lies my 
whisper of salvation, And while my 
pen freely bleeds, with phrases of my 
most tender reminiscence, I can 
only assume, that faith 
is purposeful...

Thus by a dangerous choice, to
trust my memories to save me,
before they eradicate my being, I
find a breath of grace in writing of
you, and knowing you through my
words, and all your beauty throws
to them, and by this plea, hope to
know you, if only another moment,
With the mere faith, that
rediscovering you, will mercifully,
help me find myself...