Written by: Carol Zic

I believe all people have souls
I believe in people who believe in God
And I believe in all the others
We are sisters, we are brothers
Recent world events have shaken my beliefs
Why are we fighting a phony war
Fueled by greed, by power seekers galore?
Those Sayers of Doom whose deeds deride
American People and America’s Pride
(They have lied – and lied – and lied)
They are the Spoilers who covet and value
Captured land over precious human life
These Spoilers hold hands with other Spoilers
And that’s an ugly, un-American sight
Spoilers are nothing but empty shells
They are mindless pathetic fools
These Spoilers are really nothing
But bottomless, cold black holes
Maybe I don’t believe anymore ---
I don’t believe all people have souls.