Good Morning, Good Night

Written by: victor dixon

Good morning future.
Good morning past.
Good morning today:
Could you make me laugh?
     a sincere laugh
     it's been too long
     or even a cry
     I've been too strong
          it's hard to admit
          how easy it is to confess
          when shame introduced herself
          she wore the sexiest dress
Hello tree branches.
Hello sky.
I'm waiting for you cardinals
to catch my eye.
     you can remind me of
     my dear ma and pa
     they admire you so much
     they had their cat declawed
          and I'd declaw myself
          if I'd be forgiven
          if I could bury my shame
          I'd still be diggin'
I'm thankful for this
house someone built.
Thanks to all the cows
who provide me milk.
     when I was a child
     I wanted a calf
     when we drove by a farm
     it'd make my mother laugh
          and now the shame's marinated
          cooked in seasoning
          it's not a convictable crime
          so how's that for reasoning

Good night angels.
Good night ghosts.
Good night late night
talk show hosts.
     I'm off to dream
     so wish me luck
     against those wicked nightmares
     that wake me up
          cuz if Annette arrives
          I'll be sad as hell
          like an empty-handed boy
          at show and tell
Good night the thoughts
written on this page;
you're the evidence
there was a today.
     and tomorrow's a treasure
     I'll try to find
     I'll keep to myself
     but I'll be real kind
          and if the world can forgive me
          for being scared and weak
          maybe I'll be less afraid tomorrow
          to go to sleep
Good night Annette;
I still love you.
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough
to ask how you do.
     but it hurts too much
     and the consequences are ruthless
     I'd endure the torment
     if it wasn't fruitless
          and I'm sorry Sally
          I should just think of you
          after all I'm tryin' 
          to love you too
Good night stars.
Good night moon.
All my wishes
will be leaving you soon.
     They'll come back to Earth
     like an aeroplane
     filled with passengers
     running away from pain
          that they couldn't accept
          that they couldn't defeat
          a plane filled with people
          just like me