Chasing Shadows

Written by: Mpho Mokhele

Dancing with shadows letting my mind go
Dodging love spells aimed at my heart
I guess love is a place one must know
It’s a pity no one knows where to start

Counting stars within your eyes
I’m at a million and four
My insecurities could part the skies
Yet of your affection I need more

Rivers of red flow from my wrists
And in their depth I drown
Love cannot be fought with fists
And pain cannot be healed with a frown

I count the smiles you’ve given to me
And still I’ve come to no conclusion
How could real love be so hard to see?
Cupid please save me from this confusion

My nights have become endless nightmares
And days are like a neighbor to hell
My heart is a kid lost at a funfair
Unfortunately my only pain is that I fell

Mpho Lebohang Mokhele