Life Ain't Flawless

Written by: Charles Gragg

Life can be glorious and life can be serene
Life can be discouraging and life can be mean
Life can be first love and life can also be its loss
Life can be a helping hand and life can be an albatross
Life can be a soft caress and life can punch you in the gut
Life can bring you happiness and life can leave you in a rut
Life can bring you disappointment and life can lift your spirits high
Life can bring you riches and life can leave you high and dry
Life can take away your pride and life can leave you without a friend
Life can bring you to your knees and life can seem a virtual dead end

What is this thing we view as life with its constant ups and downs?
To feel, to breath, to hurt, to love, to die amidst a million smiles and frowns
We didn’t ask to be here; we could have just as well remained as dust
Instead we find ourselves alive and so to stay alive we must
So how do we go on from here, given the situation that exists?
Should we choose to make the best of it with all its turns and twists?
Or should we find the nearest closet and hide behind its door?
Peeking out only now and then, never venturing out to re-explore
The choice is yours and yours alone my friend, only you can finally decide
Here’s hoping you choose to face life head on and give it one hell of a ride.

©Copyright Charlie Gragg January 1, 2011