The Wall

Written by: anthony beesley

Before I bulit the wall every terrorist of my expense,would make long 
and short distance,close encounter,house calls
Laughing as I'd crawl into a corner
I'd long desperately to disappear...full of fright and full of fear
Clapping and cheering and singing their savage songs
Bricks onto bricks...I built a strong and mighty wall

Behind the wall made of a heart of stone and a head of steel
Never believing the lie
Not believing what's real
No love...No light...No deal
Keep the bad ones out and the good ones to
Deserted on an island full of isolation blues
Paying my debts...paying my dues
Walking alone in solitary shoes
From the east to the west my wall I could see
From the ground to the sky my wall eclpised eternity
I could hear Gods spoken words from a distance just like thunder
I could hear His angels sing until I could not sleep or slumber
Loneliness to lunacy one brick crumbled then another
Sunlight shooting in bringing life instead of emptiness and hunger

Beyond the wall I see dark and light each day still I keep a brick or two just to keep 
me sound and safe
With Gods angels and His agents they keep the worthless and the wicked far away
Now I can live a life that has purpose,plans,and peace
God gives me His discernment and it disarms destructions deeds
I don't have to isolate and shun the world...all creatures great and small
Because I'm living in the light and I live beyond the wall