If you can see the best be into me

Written by: Susan Mills

if you put my smile on for size
then you can see a woman wise
not with lies who vows to realize

if you can see the should in the dance
then you can see a woman with a rockin
chance, better than at a glance without
us to enhance

if you hear the music of my hips that sway
then you can see it our own way
day by day, without tremendous pay

if you can voice my self-defense
then you can see I was not all
that dense, just intense, for recompense

if you can see I'm the forest through your trees
then you can see I was a certain kind of breeze that
does not freeze when she ask please

if you can see my problems were just a mystery
then you can see the solutions of our history, a
family's history, a nations history

if you can love me all the more on my way in instead
of out your door
then you can see our love was never for keepin score
but at our core for our love that way means so much more

and if you can see my pane of house on your window pane
then you can see beyond your pain that's our insane to let
a marriage truly plan a gain