Swan Lake

Written by: Elaine George

Satin shoes, for years, 
I wore upon my feet;
Bound around my
Ankles with
I could never meet,
On bloodied toes
That languished 
In a pirouette 
Of self-defeat;
Wearing slippers
That tried in vain
To polonaise
Your dreams.


Written:  Jan 24, 2011

Author’s note:    In the story of Swan Lake, it is told
                          that the lake was formed from tears.

Definition of ballet terms:

Pirouette: whirl or spin - a complete turn of the body on one foot, 
                 on point or demy Pointe.

Polonaise:  Processional dance in 3/4 time with which the court ballets 
                  of the seventeenth century were opened and can be seen  
                   today in Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty