The Lurker

Written by: Grobb Johnson

I will stalk
every step you take.
I'll be there
for every breath you make.
Watching with, curiosity
I do believe,
you'll never get away from me.
I'm every where,
that you go.
There's nothing about you
that I don't know.

In the dark
where I lurk.
Staring with
an evil smirk.
Thirsty for,
to see you scream.
Go white with fear,
at the terror I bring.
I indulge in sin
with a sinister grin.
You think it's just the wind
as I move in.
I see you look,
all around.
But you don't see me,
and I don't make a sound.

I've jammed the doors.
I've cut the phone.
There's no way out,
now we're all alone.
I watch you lay
your head to rest.
Where I am,
you'll never guess.
Waiting for
just the right time.
When you close your eyes.
That's when you're mine