The Teacher

Written by: Stephan McBride

I would like to nominate
my teacher 
He has followed my life 
since before I was born
He watches over me everyday
and listens to my every concern
I can call Him anytime
He  is  never to busy
to help anyone 
since the Alpha and Omega
There is no problem
that He doesn’t know
and if you ask He shall show
He comes by to visit all
knocking on their doors
so eager to teach
He lived and example
A live demonstration
on how to achieve the award
not to look back but move forward
not to live in greed
and to focus on the things we need
not to blend in with the weeds
but to give sunlight to the seeds
He taught me what really matters in life
while relieving pain and strife
He wrote the greatest book 
The words will always remain
while others will come and go like rain