Written by: valeria iliadou

Maybe the ocean will never be enough
To reveal the senses' struggle to reach
Expectations floating over time.
And maybe waves are not high enough
To cover these words unsaid, this silence
Of a love waiting.
Years of earthen promises locked
To find your beating,
A rhyme my feet knew from the very start,
The echo of your kiss
Remaining in my soul.
And I would travel lost lands and skies red
To find you,
To hold your breath between my lips.
I would walk mountains of snow
To reach your guilt
To attend your fears with a care divine
Stealing rain to satisfy your thirst,
Stealing time to glorify your dreams.
Your eyes would lead me to purity paths
Of freedom and redemption,
For my love to embrace the nights
Seeking lost stars.
For I would be the sea you cry
And my hands the road you walk
Twisting in this abyss of infinity.
At this ocean's margin I remember
Calling Fate to come, to show signs.
A shapeless moon above my eyes
Resembling to those dreams we lost,
To those promises flied to other dimensions
Waiting for your eyes to behold again.

Anything BUT Rhyme