I Saw You Speak To The Trees

Written by: Mary Nagy

The sun still hadn't come up.
The grass was still covered 
in its cool blanket of moisture
as you crossed the clearing
with an ease 
I had never seen before.
It seemed as if you knew exactly 
where you were going
and that you'd be welcomed 
once you got there.

The closer you came to the woods
the more I watched in amazement.
The trees...all of them
began to move.
they began to bow.
It was at that moment 
that I wondered
if I was awake 
or still sleeping beside you
in our bed.

With a combination of fear
and excitement
I rubbed my eyes
to remind myself 
that it was early still
and my mind may be playing tricks
but...I saw it.
I saw the weeping willows
as well as the mighty oaks
gently bow-down 
while you entered your woods.
You held your head high 
and appeared to give them a nod
as if you were saying
 ''Good morning old friends''
and then they straightened again
as if all was right with the world.

I never told you I saw this
but from that day on
I knew 
you were no ordinary man
and I was an extraordinarily lucky woman.