It Happened Again This Morning

Written by: deb radke

It happened again this morning,
Funny how it catches me with no warning;
I see his waiting leash by the door,
But hear only echos of paws on the floor.

No time for tears, I’m late;
No gas in the car, have to wait
For my turn at the pump, and then
Get back on the freeway again.

Now stuck in traffic, road is blocked;
No one to punch me in, my pay will be docked;
Sirens wail past me with flashing lights,
I can’t even bring myself to pray they’re alright.

The cars inch forward, one by one;
Smoke becomes visible, shadowing the sun;
A burning building outlined against the sky,
Fireman running and rushing by.

The roof collapses in a final heave,
Flames rise higher as I turn to leave;
It catches me unprepared, wide open;
That soft ‘woof’; the sound of hoping.

He carried her, carefully through the smoke,
Cradling her singed body; my heart broke.
I watched as she nuzzled each of her seven
Then turned to her savior, as though in heaven.

It happened again this morning;
Funny how it catches me without warning:
This happiness at the sight of eight empty dishes
And eight wagging tails and eight waiting leashes.