Fleece of morning Light

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Fleece of morning Light Out from the shadows of the night A new morning begins to take flight On breezes of honeysuckle scented shrouds Across a sky adorned in whimsical lacey clouds The silence of slumber breaks from a frown Her vibrancy forces the night to step down Friction electrifies the atmosphere with hues Of a pastel brocade in raised designs of blue The morning air is like a juicy succulent peach Acres of buckwheat sway as if trying to reach A Jubilee occurs when monarchs take to the air. As a myriad of tulips, color the day with flair A sweet refrain plays in the rustle of the trees Peace chimes like crystal in the wind to please Ushering in a newly born day from dawns loins Her gold fingers grace all life as priceless coins Each morning is an exquisitely prepared masterpiece Made from heavens garden covered by a golden fleece Carole Cookie Arnold 2011