Preacher Man

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Preacher man A month has passed and I still Have the gift for the needy to fulfill I prayed every moment of the day For His voice to convey Early for work I stopped for tea There sat a man across from me His skin was blue breathing was shallow A dad whose life hangs in the gallows A frantic son, a dying father, and me Mercy rose “How much do you need?” Twenty- five dollars the son replied Who are you? Jesus sent me to apply His mercy toward those He has chosen Your season in the wilderness is unfrozen Today deliverance unlocks all your doors Return home clean house and sweep the floors Handing them the money a smile hit my face A month later, He called me to meet at his place Opening the door stood a healthy man who shined Dressed in fine clothes acting so refined Do I know you sir? I asked “Yes” you do I am the man from the coffee shop who was blue The church across the street is my parish anew I got lost and was restored because of you This is a true story from my life Always see another’s needs You never know where Your journey will lead Carole Cookie Arnold 2011