A Rooster Crows

Written by: James Tate

Born there in a manger, shepherds loved you dear,
Welcome exalted Savior, we feel your presence here.

You hung the stars celestial on pegs to shine at night.
And gave us Words eternal to spread an inner light.

On dusty roads you traveled and washed disciple’s feet.
You loved all the children, and urchins in the street.

When Judas’ kiss betrayed you, and temple guards drew near,
There flashed the sword of Peter; you healed the soldier’s ear.

Your friend soon renounced you, the rooster crowed then twice,
Peter hung his head in sorrow, for he denied you thrice.

Ten thousand waiting angels stood ready for your call,
But you, our blessed Savior, gave your all in all!

We love and adore you, and fall upon our knees,
Never better to praise you, than in times like these.

And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried 
up into heaven. Luke 24:51