Written by: William Willis

1.Scotland has 20,000 methodone users-Double any country in Europe.
2.Our Government has spent 105 million pounds on it in 4 years !
3.After a 3 year programme only 3% of users ARE TOTALLY DRUG FREE.
4.Parking addicts on methadone is clearly not getting people off drugs.

Tommy"s parked on methadone,syringes all at sea.
This heroin substitute to make him drug free.
Saved from the gutter and no more petty crimes.
A body torn with needles,not like yours or like mine.

Drugs get the wrath and the public condemnation.
Now we"re spending money on his rehabilitation.
Our countries funds continue killing fellow man.
Its a costly failure,its a deathly plan.

Drug deaths happen all over this land.
Twenty thousand users,get our heads out of the sand.
We deal with the symptoms and not the real causes.
These poor wretched souls,we are poisoning their bodies.

One third of drugged corpses,contain that green curse.
From you and me given, from the public purse.
We have blood on our hands but its not too late.
Tommy"s still alive,what will be his fate?