Watcha wanna do Janie Doe

Written by: jay del fierro

Hey there Janie,last name Doe...
tell me baby,where ya wanna go?
maybe for a ride feel the wind in your hair,
maybe the nearest park,or an old country fair?

May I suggest,we take the fastest jet
fly overseas,to the sights the old world set,
climb Peru,spend the night at Machu Pichu
talk all night under starlight and o-o-hhh...

Then let's fly to Maui,hold hands and kapowie
kick alittle surf alittle sand then you can WOW me,
jump into a dugout and paddle to Easter Island
sit with the Mo'ai and watch those sunsetting strands,
maybe even imagine what those statues see
share some philosophy,at the ocean of dreams...

Then let's jetset,walk the sands of the Middle East
camel caravan to Petra,enjoy an ancient feast,
walk the Giza Pyramids,pretend to be King and Queen
lounge along the Nile amongst shady papyrus reeds,
visit all those ancient symbols waiting to be decoded
we should do it now before time eventually erodes it,
maybe discover an altogether different meaning
maybe uncover ancient secrets and new learning...

Then let's walk,the jungles of Angor Wat-her
taste some of Arabia,Persia,India and Indonesian fare,
let's visit the Philipines,that's where my family is from
enjoy their island generosity,and do alittle some-some...

So heythere Janie Doe...
watcha wanna do...where ya wanna go,
as long as we're together,it's always our show...