sweet love

Written by: Micah Smith

your love sufficates me my eyes begin to pop,
you hold me so tight you block my viens and my heart wants to stop,

your love is addictive even more than a drug,
im so deep i forgot about your dirt under the rug,

the "skeletons in the closet",
i was living my own plan and you paused it,

she's moving with me to Canada,
she's so beautiful birds sings in bands for her,

my heart sings in sweet melody,
everytime i realize how much you were ment for me,

she's white i'm black......we're from two different worlds,
but lets be honest who can deny a chocolate vanilla swirl,

with you i have always had great intentions,
everyday is like we just met.......no1 can touch you hearts inventions,

all i know is now that i have you my pass doesnt matter,
because of you help me reach higher hieghts like a latter.................