just cant help but love you my ceizar

Written by: duncan ceizar chappell

 just cant help but love you my ceizar 

for each and every day i miss you 

each and everyday becomes harder to be so far away from you 

each and everyday i miss you more and more 

my tears fall once more 

as i lay alone at night missing you, an angel appears do not fear my dear 
your ceizar is here to send love to you tonight 

for don't cry ,your safe now my dear no 
one can hurt you anymore 

so to my dear ceizar i send a wish to you tonight of my love to you is so true 

i send my heart ,to protect you each night until I'm resting with you 

for blue day to dark night 
for rainy day to Grey skies 

to sunshine of love for you 

i know are love is true 

so i just wanted to tell you i love you forever my ceizar souza