The Power Of The Pen

Written by: William Willis

Ink wells drying out,books march to their graves.
Stationary evolving like cavemen in caves.
Bibles on websites,there's no longer books of prayer.
Electronic revolution's just too much to bear.

Handwritten letters,that were sealed with a kiss.
Signing your name on your wedding day bliss.
Calligraphers tools now lying in museums.
Curious children queuing up to see them.

Blackboards rejected,cut and pasted to the past.
Fountain pens and pencils will be joining them fast.
Our futuristic man will no longer write.
Pen and paper passing him like ships in the night.

No more joyous moment, when a child writes her name.
With lap-tops and e mails the letters look the same.
When these things will happen,i just cannot say when.
I think mankinds losing the power of the pen.